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Progressive Issues for Progressive Democrats
"Health care is a fundamental right." (Ted Kennedy, 8/26/08)
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The Progressive Platform Project

The Progressive Platform Project

by: poligirl

Tue Nov 23, 2010 at 18:14:44 PM EST

Welcome to the Progressive Platform Project!

The Progressive Platform we are building will be a sort of blueprint that we believe all progressives, especially candidates, should follow. It will be our beliefs as progressives, where we stand on various issues, and in many cases, what we believe needs to be done on those issues.

In the first post, the idea of creating a Progressive Platform was introduced. I had posted links to various political platforms, so everyone could get an idea of what we are trying to accomplish. Then you were asked to vote on what planks we should include in our platform.

This week we will briefly discuss planks for our platform.

poligirl :: The Progressive Platform Project
The planks I had listed in the poll were (in order of their vote totals - highest first):

environment/energy independence
fair elections/campaign finance reform
social justice
civil rights
health care
transparency in government
immigration reform
national security

This is the order in which we will be dealing with each plank.

What we will do this week in the comments is discuss what you believe progressives should stand for when it comes to the environment and energy independence.

For instance, I believe, as a progressive, that climate change is a real and present danger, that enough scientific data exists to conclude that the actions of humans have affected and are still affecting the increasing rate of global warming, and that we need to take action to both curb the current emission rate as well as promote cleaner energy usage. I believe that we can wean the country off of oil and other fossil fuels and create an entire green jobs sector.

This coming week, I will be thinking of more specific ideas to further this objective and will be positing them in the comments throughout the week and upcoming weekend.

So this weeks discussion in the comments will be what your beliefs are on the environment and energy independence and any ideas or possible solutions you may have regarding these issues.

Next week I will form what we have discussed in the comments into a coherent plank out for your approval and we can further discuss any tweaking to the plank.

Also, next week we will begin discussing the next plank, which is fair elections/campaign finance reform.

In addition, if you can think of any additional planks that should be included in the platform, please tell me in the comments!

One more note: you can always get to the latest Platform Project by clicking on the Progressive Platform Project link in the blog header.

This diary is cross-posted at Daily Kos, MyDD, Docudharma, Open Left, and Open Salon.  

Best clean energy:
clean coal
other named below...


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So what are your ideas? (3.00 / 6)
this diary can be linked to from the top of the PB main page as well as on the sidebar, so you can weigh in whenever you have the time.

i won't put together the plank until early next week!

--poligirl  :D

(-5.75,-4.92) "Compromise sounds a lot like capitulation, doesn't it?" --Elizabeth Edwards

There are so many obvious opportunities available to us other than (3.00 / 4)
fossil fuels that it boggles the mind that we aren't already using those things that our planet provided for free, such as solar, wind, waves and geothermal which is the most environmentally friendly heating/cooling system devised at this point.  As an advertisement I've heard states, You see a front yard, we see a power plant!  

I guess the whole point as to why we don't see as much of these systems being installed is that after the initial money is spent installing the system(s), no company makes money from the user of the product.  There is only maintenance to pay for in the future.  We still have to create enough electricity via wind or solar if we choose to use geothermal for heating and cooling in order to circulate the air, but taken together, it is a viable solution to becoming energy independent if we so choose.

I'm not religious and yet I more closely follow the teachings of Jesus than any Conservative I know.  Weird!

Hey poligirl (3.00 / 4)
I personally look to the sun as the most promising source of energy as technology improves with concentrated solar power and PV cells in the same realm as computer chips and Moore's law as if we are able to harness enough of the sun that can actually solve our energy problem because about 2% of what hits the southwestern states' deserts can power the country for a year(though technology can't come close to harnessing that full power now but when it can and there is no reason we can't take it to that point in the future, that is a true clean energy solution).

That and we shouldn't have to drive everywhere. We need to get serious about BruceMcF's STRACNET to save that fossil fuel for other things we need it for until we can hopefully invent yourself a way out of that, too(pretty much most things we use are made by fossil fuels including the computers we are on right now).

Man, you are getting serious with this project and cross posting it everywhere!

Thanks, poligirl.

Big believer in geothermal. (3.00 / 5)
I feel fairly confident that we'll solve the problems associated with drilling geothermal "wells" and be able to provide renewable energy all over the country that is both reliable and cheap.  

Beyond that, I think any plank relating to environmental concerns should also include statements on the need to improve vehicle mileage standards and improving access and use of mass transit.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

Robert F. Kennedy

excellent addition - mileage standards and improving mass transit.... (3.00 / 5)
that will be added to the plank!

--poligirl  :D

(-5.75,-4.92) "Compromise sounds a lot like capitulation, doesn't it?" --Elizabeth Edwards

[ Parent ]
Vertical Algea Farms (3.00 / 2)
They don't take up much space and the technology is inexpensive.

One thing to keep in mind is that most our energy is used in transportation, so mass transit has to have our priority.

Trains to replace polluting air travel. Building an up to date infrastructure for trains is a great jobs program too.

"Warning Democratic politicians against being "liberal" or moving "left" remains a time-honored - even compulsive - media ritual".~ Norman Solomon

Excellent point! (3.00 / 1)
The algae farms still need a little research and work to be economically feasible, but an excellent direction for biofuel research to take.  And we definitely need to add to our passenger rail speed and capacity.  I, for one, loved my one time on the Acela and have no doubt that once the Acela gets a dedicated rail line that it will be cheaper to ride and much more popular to ride as well.

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

Robert F. Kennedy

[ Parent ]
I believe... (3.00 / 1)
Biomass and those type fuels that can be grown and refined just about anywhere hold the most promise if they are researched and developed.


Great project! (0.00 / 0)
Count me in!  Karita Hummer

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